A passionate Team

A clear vision with the right feeling for trends and high innovative power:

The team of ICUnet Intercultural Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. provides high quality services

for clients in Greater China and Northeast Asia.

Laura Mitchelson
ICUnet Intercultural Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Managing Director China & North East Asia

+86 21 52831835
+86 18512105306

I design solutions for large and medium sized companies that are globalizing. For a JV with a lack of trust between stakeholders at senior level or an HR department with Business Unit leaders who need to be guided on appropriate global communications or a Chinese multinational with challenges recruiting in overseas markets, I work on tailored consulting solutions. My previous work with government, corporations, small business, and charities helps me provide a wide-range of approaches and solutions. In all my previous roles, I’ve been involved in improving the efficiencies of multinational organizations, deepening mutual understanding of communication practices and developing teams in China. In the training space, I make sessions interactive, positive and effective in the long-term, which means everyone gets involved.

Sangyi Li
ICUnet Intercultural Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Senior Account Manager

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+86 185 1668 1767

As Senior Account Manager at ICUnet Shanghai I work closely with corporate HR professionals and executives in Asia-Pacific to identify, plan and execute the right performance improvement solutions for them. I specialize in the conception of tailor-made HR solutions in the field of intercultural qualifications, expatriate management and local talent development programs and I work hard to stay ahead of my clients so they always get the most current and creative solutions. I have a bachelor degree in German Language Studies and wrote a thesis on the theme of “The Perception of China among German Students”. I speak fluent Chinese, German and English and I am learning Portuguese.

Tilman Rieger
ICUnet Intercultural Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Intercultural Consultant and Coach

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+86 185 1632 8374

As a former HR Director and Executive Coach I support Western and Asian Leaders as well as their spouses in communicating and acting more effectively across cultures, resolving/preventing (intercultural) conflicts, initiating (behavioral) change and fostering career development through means of 1:1 coaching, consulting and workshop facilitation. I help my clients to become aware of their cultural beliefs, value-system, perspectives as well as to overcome destructive communication and behavioral patterns by applying among others Marshall Rosenberg’s non violent communication model or Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis. I passionately believe that the key to successful cross cultural communication and human interaction in general is to have or develop an attitude of mutual respect which can only be achieved by becoming aware of our judgmental thinking and learn to overcome it. It is my mission as a coach and facilitator to transform people’s behavior into a less judgmental and mindful interaction in order to enhance human connection.

Jiaqi Tepe
ICUnet Intercultural Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Project Manager

+86 185 1632 8379

I provide high quality management of training and consulting services to ICU clients in Asia-Pacific. I have worked previously with Daimler in Germany where I understood first-hand the demands of the automotive sector and the pressures that are brought to bear by the speed in China.I have a Bachelor degree in Journalism and Communications and studied German at Tongji University in Shanghai. I completed my Master degree at the University of Paderborn majoring in Media Culture. I speak fluent German, English and Chinese.

Sue Yuan
ICUnet Intercultural Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Office Support Manager

I worked as a teacher of Chinese for over 7 years. I have taught students in more than 50 countries on Chinese language, history and culture. I am using my experience and understanding of different value systems and cultures to support the work of colleagues and clients at ICUnet. During the university, I lived and studied in Eindhoven/ Netherlands for two years. I have a Bachelors degree in International trade from Xi'an University and IBMS in Fontys - Eindhoven Netherlands. I speak fluent English and Chinese and basic Dutch and I am trying to learning Spanish.

Eva Beiter
ICUnet Intercultural Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Marketing Manager


As a Marketing Manager for ICUnet China I work closely with my colleagues in Shanghai, our customers and the headquarter in Germany to drive continuous growth for the ICUnet China business.

I can look back on many years of work experience as Regional Manager, Project Manager, Application Executive and Software Trainer for different German companies. I received my Masters degree in Education science and additional studies in Informatics and Didactics at the University of Cologne, specialising in adult education. One of my major former tasks while working for an exhibition company was to be responsible for public relations, regularly publishing press releases and holding press conferences. As a webmaster I was responsible for online marketing.