August 14th - October 20th: Management Programme for Professionals Rwanda

11. May 2017

Management Programme for specialists and managers from Rwanda in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Icunet and Jumelage RLP/Ruanda e.V. have been entrusted to conduct this programme on behalf of the Ministry Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture Rhineland-Palatinate (MWVLW).

This Management Programme will give the participants an unique opportunity to develop their intercultural managerial skills and will enable companies from Rwanda and Rhineland-Palatinate to develop sustainable and promising networks and relationships for future collaboration.

Professionals from Rwanda with at least three years of managerial experience are invited to participate.

The programme is designed for professionals from following sectors:

·        Mechanical & Plant Engineering

·        Energy & Environmental Technology

·        Plastics Industry

·        Chemistry

·        Healthcare Industry

·        Medical Technology

·        Packaging Industry

·        Recycling Sector

·        Valuable Substance Recovery

Implementation period: 14th of August to 20th of October 2017

Closing date for applications: 11th of June 2017

Please find further information and application documents in the following:

Programme Description

Preliminary Programme

Why Rhineland-Palatinate

Application Form

Please address your questions regarding the application procedure and send your application to:

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