Stay Curious, FinTechs!

Grow your success through awareness of the Arab Culture

29. Jan. 2018
12:00 - 12:00
Fee: 0,00 €

This webinar is part of the CUBE IN project, funded by EASME.

Maria Menzenbach
0049 851-988666-14

Executive summary

  • Who is the target group? European FinTech companies
  • What is on offer? The Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME) has commissioned icunet, Technopolis Group and Hofstede insights, to carry out learning programmes for various business sectors. This learning circles is one event out of a series of five learning circles. In each learning circle another industry and a different culture will be matched. So be sure to look out for the upcoming learning events on other topics!
  • When will this program take place? It will be a webinar!
  • Why is it being organized? Participants will gain intercultural knowledge about Arab business culture to better understand clients and business partners. Beyond that, this programm will help SMEs to create innovation inspired by this unique cultural perspective on the fintech industry.
  • How many participants will be allowed? Six to twelve (maximum) participants; one participant per company preferred
  • How much does it cost? The event is sponsored by EASME and participation is therefore free for all participants selected. Transport to the venue must be organised by the participant.

The application procedure is open until January 26th, 2018.



What are the benefits for participants?

Building an innovative, international company does not happen by chance. It is often tempting to focus only on delveloped markets, such as the United States or the European Union since they offer both a big market and a seemingly familiar culture. But achieving a global reach for your company means reaching out for emerging economies. Here, the unfamiliar can feel overwhelming and the potential market more intimidating.

Concrete take-aways and added values of the program

  • better understanding of the Arab business culture/consumer needs and learnings about intercultural business basics
  • intense training and focused coaching on culture and innovation
  • learn how to create innovation for your business through a new cultural perspective
  • B2B opportunities and networking

Additional benefits:

With the support of EASME and in consortium, technopolis group, Hofstede insights and icunet have developed a set of tools to help companies to become more familiar with the business cultures of various developing markets: An online library, a training and mentoring package, the live learning programme.

Our topics: Arab Culture and FinTech

  • Wake up Call: Eat this, disruptors – Why your industry will suffer if you neglect other cultures
  • Cultural Impulse No. 1: What moves the Arab Region – and what moves Arabs in Germany?
  • Innovation Impulse No. 1: Cultural trends and changes in society and how we handle them – How refugees influenced the financial sector
  • Cultural Impulse No. 2: Winning customers and growing understanding – Basic communication and trust-building skills
  • Innovation Impulse No. 2: New idea – what of it? Spreading innovation in your organisation

Your trainers:

Bassam Elemam
Daniel Auwermann

Head of Business Unit Intercultural Consulting

Katharina M. Kempf
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