Your Intercultural Briefing: Open Training Courses

18. Apr. 2017

Your preparation for international challenges and successful cooperation in international business

Open Training Courses from ICUnet.AG emphasize culturally specific preparation assembled with country focus. Due to great demand we offer in 2017 trainings for the Arabic world, China and Japan.

Content of basic qualification:

  • Introduction: culture and cultural misunderstandings
  • Culturally specific preparation: cultural factors for distance and cultural dimensions
  • Sense of self and awareness of others
  • Building of relationships and trust
  • Communicational behavior and strategies
  • Concept of hierarchy, structures of power and decision making
  • Exchanging first-hand experiences and praxis cases
  • Developing an own culturally profile with IPT®

Target audience: novices in international business domain


Methodology applied:

  • Assessment and sensitization of participants by using IPT and developing a personal cultural IPT® profile
  • Interactive and entertainingly elements, e.g. roll games, praxis cases, videos, exercises and discussions
  • Authenticity: intercultural trainer and consultants of ICUnet.AG have a comprehensive personal experience in cooperation with the destination culture


Target and Your value add:

  • Sensitization for cultural differences in international cooperation, especially within your destination, as well as for own patterns of thinking and action structures
  • Further development of communication and action competences
  • Higher motivation and self confidence in handling with foreign cultures
  • Early noticing of intercultural conflicts
  • Professional performance in the international arena


Per participation you receive one Coupon of 50€, redeemable within one year for another session or for buying an additional tool (e.g. IBCT® access or Intercultural Smart Guide)

Number of participants: minimum 3 persons – maximum 12 persons

Length of the training: 1 day

Agenda: every 3 – 6 months 

Begin: October / November / December

Language: German or English (at participants’ option, to declare at registration)

Price: 790 € per person per day inclusive IPT®, material and catering



Dates Intercultural competence training 2017:

September 21, 2017: China (Hamburg)

November 10, 2017: Japan (Munich)

December 05, 2017: Japan (Berlin)

You would like to register for the Intercultural Qualification Measure "Open Trainings? Please send your registration including the training date to Fiona Diekhoff,, +49 4089066429-137.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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